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Exploring new opportunities

Lucas moved back to Argentina after his studies in the US. He is experiencing something new every day.

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After roughly 5 years in productive processes within consumer goods, working with companies like Renault, Arcor and Anheuser–Busch, I thought it was time to get a masters degree in the U.S.

During my masters, I worked as a business developer in renewable energy in the U.S. which was different to my previous work. I found out I have a passion for sustainable energy and it made me curious to try another path.

After my studies I joined McKinsey in Argentina to honor my Fulbright scholarship and because I love my country and living here.

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McKinsey gives me the opportunity to do things I might not have elsewhere. For example, being in contact with senior executives daily, presenting to chief of staff of Argentina, making big decisions and seeing the great impact. The biggest project I did so far was at an electric distribution company where we worked on reducing 24hour power outages in households by 40% in one year. The CEO of the company and their whole team were thrilled, and gave us a big applause at the end.

I have had the opportunity to explore and try new things here, whether it’s advanced analytics, learning about new businesses, being in a mine for six months or working in public sector, each experience has been new.

What struck me most is how McKinsey’s values are very strong. The people at McKinsey are supportive and close, your team is your family and we support each other all the time. The team spirit, the motivation to do the best possible and the humbleness are truly the greatest aspects of McKinsey.

More About Lucas

Outside work, I love soccer, diving and running. A fun fact about me is that I have tried to play the guitar four times but cannot play a single song.

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