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Never regret writing in C and Perl

London-based software engineer Vipin describes the call that brought him to the "best place to learn."

I’ve been writing code for a decade now; I started with C and Perl (do not regret it!) and by looking after lonely Linux boxes, when we used to have names for them (“The Death Star” was my personal favorite).

The call from McKinsey

I began my career as a consultant in London, specializing in release engineering and automation, helping telecom companies to public sector organizations. After about six years, I moved to an adtech start-up in Singapore. The platform specialized in Cloud (i.e., AWS, GCP, Azure); we did some pretty amazing engineering around low latency, high availability and reliability.

One summer evening about two years later, I got a call inviting me to join McKinsey as a cloud and development operations (DevOps) expert. I decided to give it a go, and the last year has been nothing short of amazing.

Th best place to learn

Solving unconventional problems, presenting ideas in interesting ways, and collaborating with colleagues and clients around the world is just another day here. For example, one of my most memorable projects was leading a cloud transformation for a bank in Europe. We helped them automatically scale their services at peak times across a broad technology stack. It was quite challenging and interesting.

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The teams I work with are a mixed bag of people from different cultures and backgrounds, who bring cool perspectives, ideas, and skills to the table. They always have something to teach me, which is one of the best bits about McKinsey. If you want to learn about a new industry or technology, this is THE best place to do so.

Outside work

When I’m not in the office, I am spending time with my family watching movies, listening to music and arguing with my Google Home. I spend a lot of time reading; historical fiction and astronomy are my favorites. Fun fact: Pluto didn’t even complete one orbit around the sun between being discovered and declassified as a planet.

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About Vipin

Vipin is a software engineer, based in London. Prior to joining McKinsey, he was a DevOps lead at PocketMath and Accenture. Vipin has a bachelor’s in engineering from the Prince Institute of Innovative Technology in India.

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