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Belén on McKinsey Solutions

– I’m a mechanical engineer by training. I started my career in Madrid and Barcelona with Microstrategy, created my own company Asmartdata and got my MBA from ICADE. I’m passionate about art, fashion, and museums (I have the card that gives me free access to 358 museums in the Netherlands). I like practicing sports (tennis, running, paddle), discovering new places, and spending time with my friends.

Belen inline

About four years ago, I was offered the opportunity to join McKinsey Solutions’ professional services team in Belgium. I thought it would be the perfect mix of my two passions: data and strategy. I use advanced analytics to provide clients with information that enables them to make the best possible business decisions. At first, I supported all of the solutions the firm offers, but as one of them, Periscope, grew, I began to focus on it. Now, serving clients in EMEA who are using Periscope is my whole role. And I’ve found what I was looking for: an amazing team and opportunities to innovate and help clients every day.

One of my most memorable experiences so far has been helping a medical device company that was facing several challenges, including increased competitive pressure, commoditization of products, and sophistication of customer purchasing practices. Our team of Periscope people and generalist consultants from the UK, Germany, US, LLN, and India addressed those challenges by quickly diagnosing their pricing situation and identifying tangible opportunities to increase margin. Our recommendations were predicted to yield 8 million Euros in EBIT yearly and the country managers committed to start capturing these savings from day one.

If you like tackling challenging and interesting projects and working with great people around the world, McKinsey Solutions is a great place to be. Consider joining our team.

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