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New Ventures careers

A startup’s agility blended with McKinsey’s global network

Who we are

As 50+ McKinsey startups, New Ventures builds our firm’s products and solutions—blending a startup's agility with our powerful global network.

We’re seeking the best software engineers, data scientists, product managers, technologists, consultants, and designers.

From day one, you’ll be part of an agile, close-knit team dedicated to helping you and your New Ventures startup perform at your best with McKinsey’s clients, some of the world’s most innovative and influential organizations.

Why McKinsey

New Ventures Careers

The best work. The best team.
At your best.

Here, you’ll build products to solve the world’s toughest problems, surrounded by exceptional people, to help you reach new heights.

The best work: meaningful, challenging opportunities

You’ll develop our analytics, data, and management products—collaborating with consultants to apply them in our client work, ranging from the Global Fortune 2000 to today’s newest startups.

Our innovative New Ventures teams are using advanced analytics to bring neurological patients a life-saving drug, and beacon technology to keep Australian mine operators safe on the job.

The best team: inspiring, collaborative people

You’ll be an integral part of an agile, close-knit solution team—representing top analytics, data, product, and technology specialists dedicated to helping you and your New Ventures startup grow.

As a problem-solving and teaming culture, everyone is a full-fledged McKinsey member, and every voice is heard from day one. We’re proud to be a diverse community in more than 120 cities around the world.

At your best: personalized, sponsored growth

You’ll have the autonomy and flexibility to make your own McKinsey career. Only here, can you build a startup from scratch one day, and manage a large-scale product abroad the next.

Our people have access to the world’s leading functional and industry experts; formal and informal mentors; and personalized trainings to help you learn, grow, and perform at your best.
New Ventures careers

Our impact stories

At McKinsey, we have the best work and best team to help you grow and perform at your best—but don’t just take our word for it. Check out our inspiring New Ventures stories from our people around the world.

Who we’re looking for

Our New Ventures teams are seeking exceptional builders, entrepreneurs, and technologists like you, across an array of roles.

Solution Delivery

Implement our products with client teams.

Solution Leadership

Lead and grow a McKinsey startup.

Software Engineering

Create scalable, visionary software solutions.

Data Science & Data Engineering

Transform and embed analytics into client work.

Product Management

Evolve our products for users’ changing needs.

Solution Consulting

Deepen functional and industry client insights.

Design & User Experience

Craft dynamic, user ecosystems and products.

Information Systems & Technology

Shape the foundation behind our solutions.

Client Development & Communications

Connect New Ventures with the right audiences.

People & Recruiting

Find and develop the best talent.

Finance & Operations

Champion our startups and business goals.

Research Science

Translate findings into client and product solutions.

Where we are

New Ventures careers

New Ventures has geographic hubs in McKinsey offices. Our locations include:

New Ventures has geographic hubs in McKinsey offices. Our locations include:


Gurgaon (India)
Kuala Lumpur


Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)

Latin America

Mexico City
São Paulo
San José (Costa Rica)

North America

New Jersey
New York City
San Francisco
Silicon Valley (Redwood City)
Waltham (Mass.)
Washington, D.C.

Interviewing with us

You’ll typically have several rounds of interviews with New Ventures team members and relevant specialists. Your interviews may explore your technical acumen, and the four qualities we look for: entrepreneurial drive, leadership abilities, personal impact, and problem-solving skills.

Our recruiters will guide you through the process, provide valuable enablement (e.g., case-preparation webcasts, practice cases, problem-solving tests), and share updates at each stage.

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