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Periscope revenue growth experts help companies make better decisions

The Periscope platform combines world-class intellectual property, prescriptive analytics and cloud-based tools with expert support and training to drive revenue growth now and into the future.
Periscope addresses seven core growth levers to fuel commercial transformation: insights creation, marketing optimization, customer experience improvement, category optimization, pricing and promotion optimization, performance management and sales improvement.
The integrated platform uncovers actionable insights, it helps companies to optimize their Marketing and Sales operations and delivers a 2–7 percent return on sales.

What Periscope provides

Seven complete solutions help Marketing and Sales teams optimize every aspect of their operations:

Customer Experience Solutions

Enhance customer experience by capturing feedback from all your customers, across every channel

Category Solutions

Become category captain, understand customer behavior and optimize space allocation accordingly

Insight Solutions

Obtain dynamic insights on your positioning, competitive landscape, customer purchasing behavior and consumer loyalty

Marketing Solutions

Optimize marketing activities, translate complex marketing return-on-investment (ROI) data into simple visualizations to make better decisions

Performance Solutions

Convert business intelligence into granular business performance improvement

Pricing Solutions

Optimize pricing in a fast-changing market environment

Sales Solutions

Measure sales effectiveness, empower your frontline with skills and tools they need to maximize profitability of each transaction

Periscope by the numbers


clients served across 6 continents


people in 26 locations


expert network

Periscope capabilities

The Periscope platform delivers the full range of capabilities required to optimize Marketing & Sales operations:

Enriched Data

We take joint responsibility to manage and enrich data so you can harness its full potential and make better, informed decisions

Actionable Insights

We use our expertise and world leading Intellectual Property combined with that of our specialist partners to create better models that give you better, repeatable insights

Technology and Tools

We offer easy-to-use, flexible and fully scalable cloud-based technology and tools that meet Enterprise IT standards and are upgraded automatically


We work with you to embed the strategic capabilities, processes and tools your people need every day, so you will achieve lasting success

Implementation and Client Service

We go beyond the system integration by supporting you throughout your transformation journey, providing you revenue growth expertise when you need it



Periscope overview

Periscope brings science to the art of sales and marketing, helping companies across industries make better business decisions. In this video, Managing Partner Brian Elliot and Partner Stuart Schardin discuss how Periscope’s seven solution suites help businesses drive revenue growth.

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Today’s organizations need a combination of strategic insight, domain expertise, data, and technology. That is why we complement traditional consulting with solutions that allow leaders to make better decisions based on analytics and insights.