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Accelerate growth in banking, insurance, and other finance institutions

Move from an inward-looking approach to customer-centric decisions, differentiated propositions, and customized offers that will help you beat the market, using big data and analytics
Periscope helps financial services companies maximize value creation throughout the marketing and sales process. The solution enables them to obtain and integrate competitive intelligence to optimize business strategies, assess customers’ value potential, and understand their purchasing choices to develop customized propositions, optimize prices, and actively manage the return on investment of discretional discounts and promotions. Specifically, we help financial services companies integrate insights on competitive intensity, customer segments, purchase drivers, and price elasticity for fact-based decisions to drive sustainable growth. Our solutions increase productivity through automating repetitive tasks and facilitate cooperation across departments and teams, while our data management services help clients maintain a clean and up-to-date single source of truth.


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Deep learning: The next frontier in personalized banking

– Deep learning is a powerful new tool, but businesses are still learning how to get value from it. How can you benefit from deep-learning techniques in the field of commercial personalization?

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Periscope for Financial Institutions: Accelerating growth through big data and advanced analytics

Periscope by McKinsey enables banks to achieve superior performance by addressing all core growth levers. Our solutions focus on insights creation, pricing and marketing optimization, performance management, customer experience, and sales improvement to generate up to 10–25% improvement in revenues and 20–25% boost in value creation.

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