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B2B Price Optimization

Make accurate and real-time pricing decisions with our integrated dynamic pricing solutions

Getting pricing right in companies that manage complex product portfolios and multiple contract agreements can be challenging. Adding to this complexity are market environments influenced by competitive moves, fluctuating raw-material prices, and regulatory constraints.

Companies need a dynamic pricing approach that accounts for all of these internal and external drivers, which can be adjusted in real time, to determine optimal prices. The solution needs to be integrated and easy to use across the many stakeholders involved in pricing decisions.

Our Price Optimization solutions provide pricing decision makers with a precise data-based approach to inform the entire pricing process and sustainably increase their ROS.


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ROS improvement


Price Advisor

Price Advisor is an integrated price-setting and price-management solution that uses a highly segmented adaptive pricing approach and value-based pricing rules to give companies a holistic perspective on pricing. It leverages deep pricing expertise, combined with rules-based methodologies and advanced statistical methods, to enable B2B companies to significantly and sustainably increase ROS. The solution:

  • Analyzes demand, competition, internal economics, and product/brand architecture; defines key buying factors and quantifies them using predefined rules to set the best price for each SKU, in each market
  • Systematically sets and manages periodic price changes for all products in the portfolio by assigning pricing strategies and setting guardrails to prevent large changes and increase productivity
  • Simulates outcomes of each pricing recommendation to be reviewed and analyzed before the quotes go out to customers
  • Automates workflow management and non-critical tasks to free up time for teams to focus on strategic tasks
Price Advisor also includes a Value Pricing module, enabling commercial teams to complement the data driven price optimization with a bottom up value based price estimation, leveraging a library of proposed key buying factors and quantification approaches.

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