Make informed pricing decisions with data and insights from digital sales channels along the supply chain

Suppliers and manufacturers often struggle to manage their sell-in prices effectively due to a lack of pricing transparency along the supply chain and an understanding of competitive price pressures, specifically in digital distribution channels. This can lead to pricing decisions that are based more on gut instincts than on science.

Our Online Market Intelligence solution gathers and consolidates competitive pricing and product information from digital sales channels, providing B2B companies with valuable pricing insights.


Online Market Intelligence

B2B Pricing Insights helps suppliers and manufacturers to get insights into the pricing of their supply chain in B2B2C markets. Our solution:

  • Consolidates price and product information observed in digital sales channels along the supply chain, from distribution to consumer-facing online stores
  • Helps to manage market price information for the full product catalog at the B2B and B2C pricing level
  • Allows for matching of like-for-like items in the competitive set based on similarity of items according to the product specification
  • Provides advanced insights on availability, stock levels, pricing, and terms and conditions for shipping items from most relevant resellers in the market

Other Areas B2B Pricing Solutions Can Help

B2B Price Optimization

Make accurate and real-time pricing decisions with our integrated dynamic pricing solutions

Deal Execution Optimization

Create more profitable deals and achieve higher return on sales with dynamic deal pricing using data-driven insights

Performance Management

Create a single source of truth to accurately evaluate and improve pricing performance across the sales organization

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