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Experience Essentials

A suite of ready-to-deploy, tech-enabled, and expert-driven customer experience capability-building programs designed to embed best-practice approaches at every level in the organization.

Massively rising customer expectations; an increasing need to differentiate from competitors; difficulties retaining high-performing and engaged employees; challenges all organizations face today more than ever, and which are driving the cross-industry need to embrace customer-centricity.

For many organizations trying to become a CX leader, the transformation includes tremendous efforts to update core processes and technology, but falls short on improving the capabilities of its people; to successfully transform, everyone in the organization, from the C-Suite to the Frontline needs to understand the importance of customer-centricity, and embed core CX best practices into their day-to-day work.

To support this organization-wide change, McKinsey has developed Experience Essentials, a suite of ready-to-deploy CX capability-building offerings to:

  • Foster awareness and conviction around CX and the organization’s CX vision, ensuring broad excitement and engagement in CX initiatives
  • Strengthen the CX and design thinking capabilities of every member of the organization, driving immediate, lasting, and measurable organizational impact
  • Empower every member of the organization to embed the customer in each decision, creating an enduring customer-centric culture

Experience Essentials combines engaging and meaningful digital and live adult learning experiences, tech-enabled reinforcement and sustainment mechanisms, and support from leading McKinsey CX and Design experts to deliver immediate and lasting change to employee skills and behaviors. The Experience Essentials program consists of 5 separate offerings designed for different groups within the organization:

Experience Leadership: In 1-2 weeks, help your top leadership team understand and champion core CX and Design Thinking concepts, approaches, and mindsets, and create or improve a robust CX vision for the organization

CX Expert: In 12-16 weeks, boost CX and CX-adjacent teams to practitioner-level across the CX and Design Thinking processes, enabling them to discover, design, and deliver meaningful value for their customers and organization

CX Knowledgeable: In 2-4 weeks, help your leadership teams and CX sponsors & supporters understand and champion core CX and Design Thinking concepts, approaches, and mindsets

Customer-Centric Decision Making: In 6-8 weeks, kickstart an organization-wide CX transformation, shifting the way every member of the team works and empowering them to put the customer at the core of their day-to-day decision-making

Frontline Fundamentals: In 10-12 weeks, create a more empathic and customer-focused frontline organization, helping Frontline Managers embrace and embed core customer-centric and coaching mindsets and skills within their teams

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The program is so applicable to your job. We’re really talking about how you can apply CX principles to be more customer centric in each individual role in the company.

Client Head of Customer Experience, Pharma, Global

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