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Marketing Performance

Make better allocation and marketing investment decisions, free up resources to invest in high-potential growth opportunities, and create an agile culture focused on MROI

Companies focusing on the performance of their marketing organization face a number of challenges:

  • How do I eliminate waste in the marketing system and free up cash for growth?
  • How do I optimize MROI and efficiently allocate marketing funds across offline and online touchpoints?
  • How can I grow my top-line and free up resources for investments along the media value chain?
  • How can I shift to an agile data-driven culture?

To address these questions requires a deep understanding of how to optimize MROI and the implementation of proven solutions to make it happen.

Periscope’s Marketing Performance solutions help drive marketing-led growth through analyzing marketing spend performance and allocation, highlighting opportunities to reduce costs and redirect resources, underpinned by advanced analytics, an agile way of working, and the optimal partner network.


average cost reduction per client on total marketing budget


cost savings in key spend categories, e.g., media, agency


direct impact on top-line growth


Other Areas Marketing Solutions Can Help

Modern Marketing Model Diagnostic

Modern Marketing Model Diagnostic is a forward-looking framework and assessment that helps you identify where you need to transform your marketing function to unlock growth


Build deeper relationships with customers and improve marketing campaign effectiveness with our end-to-end personalization and digital service offering

Customer Insights

Customer Insights solutions deliver key insights on consumer behavior, brand perception, and innovation opportunities that enable companies to drive revenue growth, create optimal portfolio strategies and implement an agile consumer-centered marketing mix

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