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As a retailer, you hold many of the right cards: direct shopper relationships, extensive transaction data, and real-time feedback on what sells. However, winning in a swiftly changing consumer environment requires capitalizing on those assets.

Today’s consumers are increasingly savvy and sophisticated shoppers who expect to be able to purchase products when, where, and how they want. Retailers must be adept at managing and accurately pricing a complex array of products, optimizing category assortment, personalizing the shopper experience, crafting the right omnichannel strategy, and using data and analytics to inform decisions.

Periscope supports end-to-end commercial transformations and performance improvements with best-in-class retail expertise and prescriptive solutions. We help you leverage real-time data and advanced analytics to reduce complexity, provide hands-on decision support, and create value across all commercial levers, from assortment management and marketing optimization to pricing and promotions.

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Global surveys of consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

– Consumer optimism varies by country depending on what stage each country is in the coronavirus contagion cycle.

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Periscope drives ongoing margin improvement of 2-3% per year

– Periscope totally transforms promotion planning for a national drugstore chain
Impact Story

MediaMarkt Masters Personalization Experience Delivery at Scale

– Europe’s largest retailer for consumer electronics achieves 14% uplift in revenue per user

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The Amazon Prime Day Effect: Consumer Anticipation and Excitement Grows in 2019

– Research reveals consumers in the US, the UK, France and Germany plan to spend more and shop in more categories on Prime Day 2019—taking advantage of new technologies such as voice assistance to further streamline their purchasing experience.

The Future of Shopping: connected, virtual and augmented

– Research of consumers in France, Germany, the UK and the US reveals rising expectations for fast, frictionless, ‘blended’ cross-channel shopping experiences that deliver elevated levels of convenience, interaction and ease.

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