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Promotion Performance

Create promotions that drive real impact while optimizing your trade spend

Designing and managing effective promotions across multiple brands, channels, and geographies, targeting the right customers, is a daunting task. Companies struggle with identifying the most promising opportunities, introducing new offers without cannibalizing sales, and determining appropriate allocation of their promotion spending.

Companies need a sophisticated approach to trade promotions to uncover true impact drivers, design effective new offers, and measure performance. The solution needs to be integrated into existing systems and workflows so promotions can be effectively managed across the organization and trade spend quickly reallocated based on promotion performance.

Our Promotion Performance solutions provides companies with the information they need to design effective offers and manage their promotion investments.


increase in trade-spend effectiveness


annual improvement in profitability


sales lift vs traditional promotions


Promotion Advisor

Promotion Advisor enables companies to design and implement promotional activities that maximize margin, sales, and long-term impact. The solution helps companies determine the appropriate allocation of promotional investment to ensure maximum ROI across brands, customers, channels, and geographies and creates transparency into the performance of events. Promotion Advisor:

  • Collects, cleans, and validates data to generate key insights and accelerate the creation of guidelines that are anchored across the organization
  • Analyzes the effectiveness of promotions to identify areas of under- and overinvestment to ensure the optimal allocation of trade spend
  • Plans promotion calendars, forecasts impact, compares scenarios, and manages workflow approvals to identify winning events and maximize ROI
  • Integrates with existing transactions systems to ensure an effective and flexible workflow
  • Improves the vendor negotiation process through enabling efficient collaboration with vendors while providing insights into how to get the best deals.
  • Applies machine learning techniques that allow optimizing the promotional plan and facilitate making the right trade-offs.

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– Periscope by McKinsey is listed among Hybrid TPM vendors mixing modern and traditional trade capabilities on Forrester’s Now Tech: Trade Promotion Management report

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