Periscope for Consumer Goods

Drive transformational growth in consumer goods with meaningful insights

Turn data into innovation and innovation into action to deliver better products, more effective pricing, optimized marketing activities, improved promotions, and smarter shelf investments


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Consumer goods companies need to use data to stay competitive, but many decision makers feel paralyzed by the amount and the granularity of information they are supposed to process. The bigger the data dumps, the more they cling to gut feeling and rules of thumb. To overcome this paradox, Periscope is about empowering people and rewiring processes as much it is about data and systems.

Our experts work with your team to demonstrate how the Periscope platform distills relevant insights from big data, and how to leverage these insights for better decisions – increased marketing efficiency, improved assortment, optimized price setting, and more effective promotions. Paired with dedicated capability building, Periscope helps you establish a performance culture in which evidence-based decision-making is the new normal.

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Global surveys of consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

– Consumer optimism varies by country depending on what stage each country is in the coronavirus contagion cycle.

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Big data - big hype? Unlock the real value of big data with Periscope Advanced Analytics

– Pricing Solutions are helping a leading CPG player achieve significant impact by delivering robust insights

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Periscope is ranked highly in the 2019 POI TPx Vendor Panorama report

– For the 4th consecutive year, Periscope By McKinsey has been highly rated in POI TPx Vendor Panorama report.

The customer insights function is ripe for a boost

– A new Periscope by McKinsey survey reveals a big gap between aspiration and reality

The time machine: Predicting future demand flows across large portfolios with unprecedented precision

РOur new approach to transferable demand flows does justice to the complexity of today’s portfolios and consumer decision journeys by leveraging advanced analytics, entropic principles and machine learning.

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Periscope for Consumer Goods: Drive transformational growth in consumer goods with meaningful insights

Periscope by McKinsey empowers consumer goods companies to drive profitable growth. Our solutions focus on insights creation, marketing optimization, and pricing, promotion, and category management. Periscope’s unique combination of deep expertise, advanced insights, and high impact solutions generate 2-5% improvement in ROS and 1.5% margin uplift.

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