Periscope is ranked highly in the 2019 POI TPx Vendor Panorama report

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For the 4th consecutive year, Periscope By McKinsey has been highly rated in POI TPx Vendor Panorama report. The report focuses on sales planning and trade management efforts that involve the retailer at the HQ level. It aims to help consumer goods companies to improve their ability to manage trade promotions through the use of enabling technology and thus improve the entire value chain, enhance trading partner relationships, and drive profitable growth. Highlights from POI TPx Vendor Panorama includes:

Periscope was named “Best-In-Class” in four functional areas:

  • HQ Analytics & Insights
  • Financial Orientation & Simulation
  • Collaboration – External
  • S&OP Capabilities
  • Its functional capabilities are rated “above average” in 7 out of 8 dimensions.

Key differentiators of Periscope’s offering:

  • The level of automation and depth of the end-to-end offering of software and services.
  • A leader in pattern recognition through machine learning to help in answering the questions people don’t think to ask.
  • The willingness to get our hands dirty on the data management and enrichment to ensure a more favorable output.
  • The compelling and dynamic storyboards for presenting the insights to customers or internal that make collaboration easier

The report recommends evaluating Periscope when:

  • An analytical suite to enable promotion optimization including RGM.
  • Depth of capability for a single/incremental area of expertise like post promotion analytics.
  • Expertise and the ability to deploy globally but adapt to the local environment.
  • Analytical power without overwhelming users with complexity is desired.

In addition to Consumer Goods offering, which is the core of this Report, POI did a specific call out about Periscope’s Retailer Pricing and Promotion Platform.