Periscope for Manufacturing

Create and sustain superior commercial performance

We deliver insights and facilitate performance management, integrating complex data to create transparency on current performance, improvement opportunities, and the impact of actions over time


ROS improvement


higher return on sales


margin uplift

Built on McKinsey’s best-in-class B2B expertise, Periscope supports business strategy definition, product management, sales, and execution. Our unique combination of high-impact software solutions and hands-on expert support enables manufacturing companies to transform the way they work with data and establish a mindset of value-driven decision making, both centrally and at the front line. As your one-stop performance partner, we help you create a full action plan for pricing, discount management, capability building, performance tracking, and continuous improvements.

Special collection


B2B Pulse: How B2B decision makers are responding to the coronavirus crisis

– Through a series of recurring global surveys, we are tracking how customers’ expectations, spending, and behaviors change throughout the crisis, across multiple countries over time.

How we help clients

Manufacturing sectors we serve


Periscope reduces complexity and fuels profitability in automotive with advanced analytics, intuitive solutions, and dedicated capability building.

Basic Materials and Chemicals

Big data and advanced analytics hold the opportunity for providers and distributors of basic materials and chemicals. Periscope helps to generate actionable insights and improve decision making around pricing and account planning.

Heavy Equipment and Machinery

Periscope addresses the commercial challenges of heavy equipment and machinery companies by setting prices at scale and recommending optimal conditions for deals and contracts.

High Tech

Periscope fuels the revenue growth of high-tech players with advanced analytics and intuitive solutions that enable faster, more fact-based decision making.

Medical Devices

Periscope helps medical device manufacturers optimize list prices and deal terms for large portfolios of products and customers with a combination of advanced analytics, cloud-based tools, and expert support.

Solutions for manufacturing companies

Our impact

Impact Story

Driving a commercial transformation resulting in 15% growth in operating income

– Periscope Sales Solutions unlock sales growth opportunities for a technology distribution company
Impact Story

Periscope Pricing Solutions' unique approach brings science to the art of price setting

– Pricing Solutions help a global manufacturer redefine their pricing strategy for spare parts to achieve a greater than 2% Return-on-Sales... (RoS) uplift

Featured Insights


Mastering the art of the 80 percent: How to drive sustainable B2B pricing excellence with data and analytics

– The path to value creation with data in B2B pricing is riddled with pitfalls. A lot of companies jump to technical solutions without defining clear use cases first.

What really matters in B2B dynamic pricing

– Companies that succeed at analytics-based pricing build a strong foundation—and include their salesforce in developing it right from the start.

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Periscope for Manufacturing: Create and sustain superior commercial performance

Periscope by McKinsey enables companies to achieve superior performance by addressing all core growth levers. Our solutions focus on insights creation, customer experience improvement, pricing optimization, performance management, and sales improvement to generate up to 7% ROS improvement.

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