Periscope fuels the revenue growth of high tech players with advanced analytics and intuitive solutions that enable faster, more fact-based decision making.

High tech used to be an innovation game: develop a unique product and watch it sell itself. While product innovation remains an important asset for high tech manufacturers, today’s multi-channel market environment calls for additional capabilities. To achieve profitable growth, you need to be able to gather, integrate, and leverage big data from a wide variety of sources across products, markets, and functions. Specific challenges include cross-channel pricing, sales steering, and continuous performance management. Home-grown spreadsheets are insufficient to wrangle the sheer amount of data involved and the advanced analytical algorithms required to make sense of it.

Built on McKinsey’s best-in-class high tech expertise, Periscope offers an integrated suite of solutions that enables high tech manufacturers to identify the most promising growth opportunities in terms of countries and categories, select the most relevant competitors for benchmarking, set the right list prices for large product assortments, online as well as offline, negotiate advantageous deals with key distributors and customers, maximize sales force effectiveness, and keep track of performance as the market evolves. Our unique combination of high-impact software solutions and hands-on expert support enables high tech companies to transform the way they work with data and establish a mindset of value-driven decision making.

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