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Basic materials and chemicals

Big data and advanced analytics hold the opportunity for providers and distributors of basic materials and chemicals. Periscope helps to generate actionable insights and improve decision making around pricing and account planning.

Which products are really profitable from a comprehensive commercial perspective? Which products are lagging? Which customers are the most valuable, and how can they be served in the best way? Periscope helps chemical and basic materials companies establish a granular view of their profitability across complex product ranges and large customer portfolios. We collect product- and customer-level data, integrate it with other information, such as production data or price indices, and apply advanced analytics to generate recommendations for better performance. Our experts work closely with sales teams to make sure they capture the full value of our solutions for better deal pricing and margin management.

But price setting isn’t the only issue that keeps basic materials and chemicals players from making the most of a given opportunity. To help companies maximize value, Periscope expands the solution space for profitability improvement. For example, our tools for sales and value management help executives benchmark sales performance and let account managers analyze the bottom-line impact of neglected value drivers such as bundling, packaging, transportation, and payment terms at the level of individual customers. Based on these insights, sales reps can adjust commercial conditions for better profitability over the entire lifecycle of a given customer. Periscope solutions can also be integrated with legacy CRM systems for more fact-based account management.

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