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Medical devices

Periscope helps medical device manufacturers optimize list prices and deal terms for large portfolios of products and customers with a combination of advanced analytics, cloud-based tools, and expert support.

Medical device manufacturers are faced with considerable commercial complexity: a large, heterogeneous product offering that ranges from CAT scanners to cotton wads and a diverse portfolio of customers that includes hospitals, research institutions, and general practitioners. Since individual accounts are often comparatively small, most sales reps find themselves serving a higher number of customers than their peers in other B2B industries. What is more, competitive pressure varies greatly across countries, product categories, and customer types. In this cluttered situation, an easily accessible fact base is crucial for good decisions that balance customer satisfaction with profitability targets.

With Periscope, medical devices companies can get a granular view of how specific products and accounts are performing. Our Pricing Solutions help them set the right list prices for million-dollar machines, spare parts, consumables, and maintenance. Solutions for deal management use advanced analytical algorithms to recommend discounts and promising product combinations to sales teams. In essence, our software absorbs everything companies know about their customers, combines it with external competitive intelligence, and turns this knowledge into automated recommendations for deal terms and discounts. Our unique combination of intuitive software solutions and hands-on expert support enables medical devices companies to transform the way they work with data and establish a mindset of value-driven decision making.

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