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Santiago’s McKinsey

Santiago, a junior partner in Bogota, joined McKinsey about six years ago after a career in telecommunications in Canada. Here he shares what drew him to McKinsey, our Global Energy and Materials Practice, and the tight-knit LatAm community.

I’m Santiago, a junior partner in Bogota, a dad of three, and, because I live in Columbia, an avid cyclist (just like everyone else!). I studied engineering, materials science, and operations research in university and eventually earned my MBA from Northwestern. I became a product manager for Research in Motion for about two-and-a-half years before joining McKinsey.

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My prior experience helped me to succeed here. I know first-hand how organizations think and act, so I adapt as a consultant – to take into account the internal structure and politics of the client companies I serve. I’ve learned a lot about how to motivate and mobilize people to make change happen.

I came to consulting and McKinsey because I wanted to be challenged and to work in several industries and countries in Latin America. I wasn’t really sure what consulting was before I started; now I appreciate that every day brings different opportunities to help clients tackle really difficult and important problems.

I was drawn to the energy sector because the problems there seemed more challenging and relevant than most. Our world is growing and evolving rapidly. I often wonder where we will get the energy to power it and the materials to build all the gadgets people want. Working in our Global Energy and Materials practice lets me help answer these questions. Small improvements in productivity in this space have a tremendous impact on the world. It is fascinating to be a part of it.

While the impact of my work is definitely exciting, the best part is working side-by-side with client team members, helping them develop as leaders. I have been with McKinsey for almost six years so some of my clients have advanced into executive roles, which is very exciting to witness.

Our practice in LatAm is a wonderfully tight-knit group of people. We take care of each other and enable each other to succeed. The support I’ve received is amazing and very reassuring. I only hope I can pay it forward.

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