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After three years at McKinsey, the question people ask me the most is: what is your favorite thing about working at McKinsey? Little disclaimer: the answer to this question will likely be unsatisfyingly predictable, but it is the truth. The answer is what has drawn me to and kept me at McKinsey are the inspiring and smart people I have met so far. Consulting is really all about people as you spend so much time working in a team setting so “clicking” with the people is extremely important.

My great people experience started during my first interaction with McKinsey, which was at the Next Generation Women Leaders event in Paris in 2014. I was quite intimidated when I read about the other women joining. I remember thinking that all of them had realized so much whereas I was just a student. However, once I was there that fear switched since the vibe was very relaxed and I could learn so much from the other women.

Once I joined McKinsey, the same thing happened with my colleagues. I started with a big group of people and we all got along very well. Though not all of them are at McKinsey anymore, we are still in touch as many of them have now become close friends.

Janthe inline
Janthe inline

In full disclosure: whenever I’m asked the question “what I like most at McKinsey”, next to being enthusiastic about the people, I have to touch upon the flipside of meeting so many amazingly talented people. For example; sometimes self–doubt creeps in if I start to compare myself with so much talent around. “When are people going to realize I am not really that smart? That maybe, I snuck through the interview process and the mistake will soon be rectified? Or maybe a client will call me out”. In those days, I try to think back to NGWL, when I had exactly the same feelings but was able to take so much away from the weekend, and feel really comfortable there.

If any of what I just described sounds like something you would like to experience for yourself, I invite you to join me at the next NGWL weekend. I am looking forward to meeting many of you. See you there!

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