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“My wife and I are going to take a three-month trip this summer to hike the Appalachian Trail.”

I thought, “What? How is that even possible for a McKinsey consultant?” I was talking to an engagement manager from the Philadelphia office after listening to the McKinsey presentation for first–year students at Wharton. It was one of the first stories I had heard about life at McKinsey. I got my MBA to make a career switch after feeling burnout from my previous career, so the last thing I wanted was to go into something else unsustainable. This story gave me hope and made me feel empowered.


I came to McKinsey knowing about the many flexibility programs , specifically Take Time, which allows extended time off each year. I knew many colleagues who used this program to travel, rejuvenate, pursue hobbies, etc. When I joined, a partner encouraged me to take advantage of these programs to be my best self at the firm and pursue my passions.

My hobby – or what my friends call my “other life” – is figure skating analysis. I skated for more than 15 years, and I have gone on to coach and judge the sport. Over the past nine years, I’ve established an impactful voice, running a figure skating coverage website and podcast almost year-round. I have used Take Time to attend and cover live competitions.

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As I write this, I am coming off three weeks covering my first Winter Games, live in South Korea. I’m heading to Milan to report on my third World Championships. None of this would be possible without Take Time, which has allowed me to pursue my passion and make an impact on the sport I love so much.

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Jackie has an undergraduate degree in economics from Stanford and his masters in architecture and in business from the University of Pennsylvania. He’s an associate in McKinsey’s Philadelphia office and spends most of his worklife in customer experience. When he’s not consulting or covering skating he likes to cook, do graphic design work, and play in the occasional Scrabble tournament.

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