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Unlocking a $100M opportunity

Tal explains how he drove rapid change during a recent McKinsey Implementation engagement.

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I joined McKinsey Implementation after I served in the Israeli Navy for eight years. Since joining the firm, I have helped clients in telecom, solar, chemicals, mining, and pharma in areas ranging from operations to finance and strategy to marketing.

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Recently, I worked with a telecom client to optimize its communication strategy. The challenge was a lack of focus on the customer experience. Some customers received 50+ messages a month that varied significantly in look and feel. Rapidly, we discovered we could make customers happier and improve the company’s profit & loss by $100M+ by limiting and standardizing the communications.

To get to this, I worked directly with the client’s leadership team. Within two weeks we had a communication “control tower” to drive immediate improvement. One of the most rewarding parts of the project was when one of my clients mentioned that she not only learned a lot during the project, but also now felt empowered to drive change outside of her normal responsibilities.

If you’re excited about solving problems, meeting amazing people, and building meaningful relationships, I hope this example convinces you that McKinsey Implementation is the place for you.

About Tal

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Tal was a combat ship commander in the Israeli Navy and served in the Israeli Naval Academy. He holds an MBA from Duke University and a BA in Political Science from Haifa University. During his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Mor and his son Michael (pictured), as well as hiking, fishing and sailing with his friends.

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