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One huge learning experience

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– I joined McKinsey three years ago as an experienced hire. Before that, I was a trader for an investment bank. After five years in the bank, even though I had a great time, I decided I needed a new challenge if I was going to accomplish my longer-term career and life goals. I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to do next but I knew I wanted to be somewhere I could learn a lot.

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McKinsey has turned out to be the best new home for me. It is full of people like me who enjoy being challenged, have big ambitions and get energy from mastering new things. In my three years, a lot has happened: my family and I moved twice, we added two children for a total of three, and I’ve worked on more than 25 projects at a dozen clients, in many different industries, on three continents. I got to choose it all. Even though it has been intense at times, working at McKinsey gives me the energy I need to keep going. It has given me exactly what it promised: one huge learning experience.

At McKinsey, I have not just learned about new industries and problem-solving approaches; I’ve also learned a lot about myself and what inspires me. I’m learning how to motivate others, how to tell compelling stories on complex subjects, how to make decisions in uncertain circumstances and how to balance a busy life. These skills will be important no matter what happens in the world or where my journey takes me.

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About Marijn

Marijn is an engagement manager based in our Amsterdam office. He holds a bachelor’s degree in econometrics and a master’s degree in quantitative finance from Tilburg University in the Netherlands. Before coming to McKinsey, he worked for about five years in an investment bank. In his free time, you might find him devouring a good book, hitting the slopes, or concocting an exciting new dish.

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