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Learning about different industries at McKinsey.

Rogier, an associate in our Amsterdam office wanted to learn about different industries, so he decided to start at McKinsey. He really enjoys the people, projects and office culture so it turned out to be the exact right choice.

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After six years with my former employer, I was not convinced I wanted to stay in the industry and was looking for a new challenge; I wanted exposure to different industries, boost my personal development, and work with people I could really look up to. When working as a client with one of the McKinsey teams I experienced first-hand that McKinsey would fit really well with these personal goals. Overall the transition worked out well although it has not always been easy to adjust. When joining McKinsey as an associate, my first project was really about getting used to the new way of working. I soon realized I could shape what my role looked like to a large extent, gain a certain level of autonomy and get a dedicated piece of scope in my project. Also the lifestyle is different than I was used to, but I learned quickly that defining your boundaries and communicating clearly about them really helps.

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I work from the Amsterdam office and our office has a wonderful culture… people are really approachable. There are many office events ranging from the “alternative elfstedentocht” to cycle weekends, Friday drinks, you name it. What I particularly like is the attention to lifestyle in our office, which is reflected day-to-day in how we run projects.

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About Rogier

Rogier is an associate in the Amsterdam office. He loves to kitesurf, travel, ice-skate and ski.