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McKinsey Q&A: Giulio

– Giulio came to McKinsey Implementation from another consulting firm, where he specialized in change management and business transformations. An industrial engineer by training, he also has an MBA from HEC in France. Now he’s a senior implementation coach based in Milan. He’s learned a lot about himself while working at the firm, and is enjoying the impact he can help clients achieve.

Interviewer: What drew you to McKinsey Implementation?


Giulio: The end-to-end perspective of the work – I’m part of a project from the initial diagnostic phase, through to strategy setting and into implementation. Executing recommendations is often the hardest part and the most rewarding; it’s exciting to see changes happen in an organization and watch clients build capabilities to sustain the results.

Interviewer: What has working at McKinsey taught you about yourself?

Giulio: I’ve discovered my passion for making things better and driving concrete changes. I understand now, better than ever, the importance of building relationships with my clients and colleagues. I spend more than 90% of my time working side-by-side with my clients; we share the same goals and develop long-lasting bonds as a result.

I’ve also learned how to merge my industrial experience with McKinsey’s problem-solving approach and industry and functional knowledge to best support clients as they make important decisions for their organizations.

Interviewer: What have you accomplished at McKinsey that brings you the most pride?

Giulio: Working with an international team to run a large transformation program across four continents to reduce operations costs by 15-20%. I was the single point of contact for one plant, supporting and guiding the director and key managers as they identified and implemented key initiatives for improvement. Seeing the clients’ trust and confidence grow every day and working with a truly global team made this engagement particularly memorable for me.

Interviewer: What are you passionate about outside of work?

Giulio: Cooking, skiing and photography.

If you’re interested in following in Giulio’s footsteps, please learn more about careers with McKinsey Implementation and apply today.