What I love about working in the chemical industry

Meet Marco a newly elected partner from Frankfurt. He mainly supports clients in the chemicals industry as they set up digital functional excellence programs and transform their organizations.

Marco M inline
Marco M inline

McK: What do you like about working in the chemical industry?

Marco: It offers me opportunities to work with clients across Europe. It ’s diverse and dynamic, which is reflected in the activities we do at McKinsey – yesterday procurement, today sales, tomorrow digital. Chemical products are literally part of everything we touch so it ’s fascinating to see how they are processed from raw materials to the final product.

McK: What’s your favorite thing about the Global Energy and Materials practice at McKinsey?

Marco: The people. I work with a very diverse group of colleagues who are quite down-to-earth and approachable. I feel close to them and really enjoy working with them.

McK: What is your favorite part of an engagement?

Marco: Cooperating closely with my clients. Keeping relationships with them over many years and seeing them progress in their organizations is very rewarding. I have developed friendships with many of my clients that underscore the depth of work we do together.

McK: What advice would you give to others considering joining McKinsey?

Marco: Just give it a try. The diversity of McKinsey will allow you to get to know various industries and functions to figure out where your real passion lies. I joined McKinsey after working in industry for six years and have never regretted my decision. We’re looking for an early professional to join our team in Germany now.

McK: What keeps you busy in your free time?

Marco: I enjoy spending time with my kids, who are four and seven. We love exploring adventure playgrounds and attending workshops in the museums around Frankfurt. Apart from that I like doing sports at least four times a week.

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