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Emerging Scholars: Madeline, Yale School of Management

Madeline started her career in tech but was drawn to consulting to tackle bigger challenges in the industry. Emerging Scholars was the first step in her journey.

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The Emerging Scholars program helped Madeline build a network at McKinsey. If you’re starting business school in the US this fall, apply by May 17th to follow in her footsteps.

When I applied to Yale School of Management I was working as a business development analyst at AOL, helping to form new data and technology partnerships. I decided to pursue my MBA in order to build a foundation of business, analytic and stakeholder management skills.

I was interested in consulting before I applied to Yale. I really enjoyed working at the intersection of tech and media. It’s fast-paced; change is constant. The people are collaborative and constantly pushing to extend the possible. I was fascinated by the big questions facing the industry, such as how AI promises to disrupt creative functions and how to optimally structure the data-value exchange between consumers and brands. I wanted to improve my ability to solve them. Consulting would give me the best opportunities to tackle these industry-driving challenges with the support and coaching of incredible teammates. I knew I’d be able to learn, be creative, and make a difference as a consultant.

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The Emerging Scholars program was the first step on my path to consulting. Through the program, I met several McKinsey consultants with a variety of backgrounds, motivations, and paths. Hearing how passionate they were about their projects, colleagues, and future opportunities reaffirmed my intention to pursue consulting. The network I developed through the program was invaluable as I prepared for interviews and considered different offices and practices. I am particularly grateful to my McKinsey Mentor, Divya, and the Yale SOM Emerging Scholars champion, James, for all their guidance and support. They both helped me prepare for my interviews and gave me valuable, specific guidance on how to improve. Divya introduced me to several people throughout the firm who all had inspiring experiences to share. I can’t wait to join this incredible group for my internship this summer – to see their passion and expertise in action.

I’m hoping to work in tech or on a tech-driven project this summer; I’m also interested in exploring new industries to see how they compare. The skills I’ve built – like being comfortable with change and ambiguity, solving problems in an iterative & hypothesis-driven way, and working well in teams – will be beneficial regardless of the engagement. I know I’ll continue to learn and develop these strengths at McKinsey, thanks to coaching from my colleagues. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.

More about Madeline

Madeline is originally from Philadelphia and was elated when the Eagles brought home a Super Bowl championship. Art has always been a big part of her life so you might find her strolling through a museum or covering her own canvas on the weekends. Running is another passion; she just finished the Philly Love half marathon in March and is on the lookout for her next race.

At Yale SOM, Madeline participates in the Design & Innovation club. She is taking Design Practicum – a course offered in partnership with the School of Architecture – this spring. Her team is focused on improving water usage, access, and management in hospitals in Cape Town.

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