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Getting to know McKinsey in a relaxed way

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– When I saw information on the event, it seemed to be an interesting opportunity to meet consultants in a relaxed setting. I furthermore liked the truly international character of the event that showcased how global McKinsey is. I liked the great diversity in attendees both in nationality and academic background, the informal one–to–one conversations with consultants and that there were only small groups of attendees from each country (we were with 4 Danes), meaning I got some personal time with the fellow attendees and consultants.

I am originally from Denmark and through this event I realized how global McKinsey really is regardless of which office you are joining. When I did my internship at McKinsey this was even more obvious. I got to work in both the US and the Netherlands.

Another thing I learned during the event, that is a good tip for other students, is to think about what you would like to learn if you are selected for the event. It’s a very special opportunity for a good conversation about life on the job at McKinsey.

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