Mathilde's international experiences at McKinsey

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I earned my undergraduate degree at Polytechnique in France, where I studied engineering sciences. I pursued my masters in the US, at Johns Hopkins University, where I specialized in international economics. With such a multidisciplinary and multicultural curriculum, McKinsey simply appeared to be the perfect next step for me. Working at McKinsey is really about continuously learning in different sectors, among international clients and within multicultural teams.

mathilde Inline
mathilde Inline

When I heard about McKinsey’s Casablanca office, being well known and recognized for its activity and expertise in public and social sectors in Africa, I decided to go to Morocco to start my career as a consultant. Since I joined the Casablanca office in September 2016, I have worked across Africa in industries such as basic materials, transportation, and the public and social sector. In each of these engagements there have been three constants:

1) the trust the firm put in me by giving me responsibility and ownership in front of senior clients

2) the brilliant colleagues I work with who push my teams to think harder and smarter about every situation

3) the energy and dynamism of the firm at the office, regional and global levels

The combination of these three factors has been a great source of inspiration and is driving me to contribute to the tremendous impact McKinsey has worldwide.

If you are currently studying and, like Mathilde, passionate about solving major economic and social issues in Africa (or other parts of the world), check out our website.

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