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Exploring McKinsey Solutions

– Coming out of the masters in engineering program at Columbia University, I wanted to explore consulting and serve clients while leveraging my passion for SaaS technology. I came across the McKinsey Solution’s specialist role and realized it fused both interests. I did not know much about McKinsey, but I loved the idea of working within a start-up like team within a world-class organization. I had worked previously in a large enterprise software company and was excited to switch gears a bit to try growing a new software application.

Peter G inline

It has been a great challenge and lots of fun. One time, my team and I needed to deploy Wave, our project management software, for a client in one week. It usually takes three to four weeks to build a comprehensive tool for a client, but we were facing unusual time sensitivities. Our team banded together to turn what wasn’t an ideal situation into an extremely positive experience and end result for our client, which shows how agile and fantastic our team is.

It’s 100% these people who keep me here. I’ve learned an immense amount from my colleagues who each bring a different background and set of experiences to the table. We have an all-in mentoring mindset here, which I have taken advantage of – asking a ton of questions and learning as much as possible as I go.

Outside of work, I love board games, especially strategic ones. You might also find me at one of the many awesome Karaoke bars here in NYC doing poor renditions of Disney classics.