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Curious soul-searching

Lauren wanted the flexibility to learn about everything, so she came to McKinsey.

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I was born a curious soul, constantly annoying my parents with questions about the world around me. During my school years, I loved science classes most because in them I learned how a neon sign lights up or why ibuprofen makes headaches go away. I was enthralled and wanted to learn everything.

When the time came to go to university, science was an obvious choice for me, but which major? Luckily, my university offered an interdisciplinary program so I could sample it all – biology, chemistry, psychology, math, computer science, physics, and even earth sciences. I loved it, but the program only lasted a year, so before long, I was forced to answer the difficult question again.

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I chose pharmacology. I enjoyed learning how medicines affect our bodies. By the time I finished my degree, however, I was eager for a change. It seemed I had two choices: get a job or start master’s degree. The prospect of continuing to narrow myself was paralyzing, so I decided to buy myself some time and get a job.

While working, I had a lot of time to think about the next step in my learning journey. Hours of soul searching and internet searching later, I came across McKinsey. Finally, my dream job was in sight. I’d found a place where I could learn about every topic under the sun from some the world’s leading experts. My curiosity was not only invited, it was expected and celebrated.

After I graduated, I walked into the Calgary office as a newly minted business analyst. These past seven months have been some of the most rewarding and captivating of my life. From improving operations at an aluminum smelter to setting strategies for a healthcare provider to building monitoring tools for an oil and gas company, McKinsey has been my greatest teacher. I look forward to everything else I will learn in the coming years.

About Lauren:

My hometown is Sherwood Park, I did both of my degrees at the UofA in Edmonton. During my science degree I studied a year abroad at the University of Dundee in Scotland. I have played ringette and lacrosse since I was little and played at a competitive level for both. I also like to knit in my spare time!

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