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Why McKinsey Implementation in Marketing & Sales has been best for me

Christian appreciates the opportunities for learning and advising he has found here.

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Before joining McKinsey, I met several McKinsey consultants who impressed me with their ability to quickly understand and structure complex problems and develop actionable insights. I was equally wowed by how McKinsey attracted and developed outstanding people. When I had the opportunity to join, I had no doubt it was the best choice for me.

Learning again

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I came in to the firm with very high expectations, and McKinsey and my colleagues have fully lived up to them. I’m learning again and making a difference in ways I didn’t think possible. My learning curve has been steep, but I’ve been astonished by how well the organization integrates and absorbs new joiners. Everything is so well structured and organized. I’ve immersed myself in formal trainings and on-the-job coaching so I’m absorbing it at a fast pace.

Using my expertise

My most exciting project has been a retail project, in which I leveraged my previous experience in retail and deepened my understanding of the industry and how to partner with clients. It was fascinating to see things from a different perspective.

Finding balance

Before joining, my biggest concern was finding balance between a busy job with travel and my family life. I was happy to learn McKinsey provides many tools and programs to help me structure my workload and create periods when I’m completely off-line so I can focus on my wife and children. So far, it’s working out well for us and I love what I do.

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More about Christian

Christian joined McKinsey’s Marketing & Sales practice as a senior implementation coach in Hamburg after 12 years as a managing director for two toy retail chains in Norway and Germany.

He is originally from Denmark, and has lived in many parts of Asia and Europe. He has called Germany home for the past 10 years.

He holds a BSc in International Business and MSc in Applied Economics and Finance from Copenhagen Business School.

In his free time, he loves to spend time with his wife and kids, play the piano, and fly airplanes.