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Developing people

Building client leadership capabilities pulled Curtis to McKinsey.

I wanted exposure to different industries, and I wanted to help companies grow and develop in ways they thought were impossible. In my four years at McKinsey, I have helped companies realize billions of dollars of value and create better leaders within them.

I joined McKinsey Implementation after six years as a design engineer in South Africa. Now, I am living in the States, working with some of the biggest global players across industries, from mining to automotive to telecommunication. I’ve met the most amazing colleagues and developed lasting relationships with friends in Paris, Amsterdam, London, Moscow, Dubai, Jakarta, and New Delhi.

Building better leaders is a big part of what McKinsey Implementation does. Developing leaders is more than just providing analysis and answers, it’s about the journey to success and the partnership created.

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In a recent client engagement, I supported a senior manager through a major transformation. His success was my success. No discussion was off the table. We analyzed everything from how to free up time from marathon meetings and reducing the number of emails, to how to empower his team with autonomy. This six–month journey, not only delivered the target but helped this senior manager become less stressed, happier, and more effective.

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About Curtis

Curtis completed his BSc at the University of Cape Town and holds a postgraduate diploma and masters in engineering from Queensland University of Technology. Throughout his career, he has worked on many transportation projects, including leading a multidisciplinary team to plan the second phase of Gautrain, Africa’s only high–speed rail network. He and his wife Michelle spend every possible moment travelling the world, trying to find the perfect island holiday.