McKinsey Q&A: Kristel

We’re honored to have been named the top employer in eFinancial Careers' 2016 ranking of global professional services firms and among the top 15 employers globally as well as the top 20 employers in the UK, U.S., and Asia.


Kristel, an engagement manager in Atlanta who joined McKinsey after starting her career as an associate on Citi’s trading floor and earning her MBA from MIT, shared her perspective on why she believes McKinsey is a top employer:

Interviewer: What attracted you to McKinsey?

Kristel: The opportunity to see a variety of industries, roles, and functions while working with talented and motivated people.

Interviewer: What do you wish you’d known about the firm before you started?

Kristel: Three things –

  1. Each office has its own personality and version of the overall McKinsey culture. Spend time visiting with people from multiple offices to make sure you find the best home within the firm
  2. As I mentioned in my interview with eFinancial Careers, it really is ok to reach out to anyone at McKinsey with whatever questions you might have – whether they are professional or more personal in nature (such as how to think about switching offices or roles)
  3. You can pursue anything that interests you here. Be vocal about it – share your passions and goals with your colleagues so they can help you find a community and carve out your niche.

Interviewer: What do you like to do for fun outside of McKinsey?

Kristel: My friends and family are scattered across the country, and it seems like my husband and I find ourselves traveling to a wedding, family event, or casual friends’ reunion weekend almost every other weekend. When I am home, I love to go trail running or scope out the Atlanta real estate market so that we can find our perfect house.

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