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After graduating from the University of Adelaide with degrees in mining engineering and geophysics, I started my career in mining and metals. I loved it – it was amazing to envision an idea, design it, watch it be built, and see the final product (sometimes all within 48hrs). The work I was doing involved problem solving and had impact, but to me, it felt like it was only on a small scale. I was effecting one aspect, in one mine, in one region. I came to McKinsey in Melbourne to solve problems and make a difference on a much larger level.

Jonathan E inline
Jonathan E inline

When I started with the firm, I was eager to explore different industries to broaden my experience. Early on, I expressed an interest in healthcare and was staffed on a project soon after. I find myself gravitating more and more toward this space because the work is incredibly rewarding. These are the projects through which I can have the most impact on the largest number of people – often people who need help most.

If you’re considering applying to McKinsey – go for it. You’ve got nothing to lose. It’s completely okay if you’re not sure what you want your career to look like over the long term. McKinsey is full of people who aren’t really sure what they want to do, and we embrace that. It’s also ok if you know what you want to specialize in; there are people here who share your interests and can help you develop deep knowledge in specific areas. My other piece of advice is to be yourself. Everyone you meet, including your interviewers, wants to get to know you and help you be successful. That’s much easier for them to do if you’re being yourself.

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