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I’m an aspiring author; avid reader of philosophy, psychology, and physics; animated movie aficionado; and an associate in McKinsey’s Operations Practice based in Munich. I specialize in product development and joined about two years ago after completing my Ph.D. at the Technische Universität München.

Amir inline
Amir inline

Working at McKinsey is like working in a vibrant and dynamic start-up with all the benefits of a large, successful organization at your fingertips. It’s a fun and fascinating place to work, learn and thrive. I love that I can build my own path here and that each one of my colleagues has done the same. My mentors have supported me and guided me, but I’ve chosen who I work with, the topics I pursue, and the locations in which I work as I’ve progressed.

The best part about McKinsey is absolutely the people. They truly care about me. They’ve helped me along the way and shown me care and understanding through times of great distress, when my personal life has felt upside down. They’ve pushed me to a higher standard. For example, when I started I needed to develop my storytelling skills. Now I can deliver my message in whatever time I have – one minute or one hour.

The thing that keeps me here is the impact I can have, helping my clients and colleagues to be the best they can be. Every day is different, although I do start and end each one talking with my wife. The more time I spend with my clients and McKinsey team members, and the more I can help them build diverse capabilities, the more fun I have. Our relationships always last far beyond the end of the engagement.

If I’ve piqued your interest, learn more about our Operations Practice, German office, and opportunities to join McKinsey as a product development expert.

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