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Meet Marianela, a senior implementation facilitator in Brazil.

While no two days are the same –and that’s a good thing – Marianela has found consistent support and learning as a part of McKinsey Implementation in Sao Paulo.

I started my career in manufacturing and wanted to apply my skills in other industries. I aspired to work in a challenging environment where I could learn continuously. And I wished to be surrounded by talented people I admire. I’ve always been curious about consulting so when I started my job search, I thought why not apply to a few firms? I joined McKinsey and I’ve found everything I was looking for.

Marianela Inline

The working environment here is fantastic and absolutely non–competitive. Everybody is eager to help me be the best I can be.

All of my days are different, and I love that. On my current project, I usually wake up around 7am and have breakfast with my team. We start laughing really early. We head to our client, using our time in the car to talk through challenges we’re facing and to plan our day. Once we arrive, I check–in with the client to refine our plan. We have some meetings and problem solving sessions throughout the day and spend most of our time on the factory floor, implementing best–in–class manufacturing practices and building the front line’s capabilities.

Outside of work, I love travelling. I have lived in three countries. I speak four languages and I love immersing myself in local cultures and trying new foods and activities. I also enjoy dancing; I transform when dancing samba or bachata.

I encourage all women with a passion for operations–related topics and implementation to consider joining our team in Latin America. If you are passionate about creating impact and making a meaningful difference then this is the perfect place for you.

If you are invited to interview, my advice is take the time to prepare so you feel confident. Ask somebody you trust to practice the problem solving and personal questions so you learn to trust yourself and do not get nervous. And, have fun learning more about consulting and McKinsey.

About Marianela

Marianela joined our Latin American Operations Practice as a senior implementation facilitator. She’s based in São Paulo and is part of McKinsey Implementation.

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