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Hispanic and Latino Network

Diversity within diversity

About Our Network

Creating connections within our community

Our Hispanic and Latino Network was founded in 2006, as our population of Hispanic and Latino talent grew dramatically. We include in our group Americans of Hispanic background and folks who come from Latin America or Spain and now live and work in the United States. This mix creates a rich variety of fascinating people with different backgrounds and experiences.

What we do

Our Hispanic and Latino Network is a catalyst for creating connections and mentoring relationships for consultants across all tenure levels. We aim to:

  • recruit exceptional Hispanic and Latino talent
  • provide a platform and space for people within the Hispanic and Latino community to advance their professional development
  • create a welcoming environment in which Hispanic and Latino consultants reach out to others in order to provide coaching and mentorship

How we do it: Professional development and connectivity

McKinsey is a network of networks, a healthy and self-sustaining environment where firm-wide events flourish alongside those that draw in people from particular communities.

Our Hispanic and Latino consultants build connections through a range of events from informal gatherings on a Friday to our nationwide professional development conference in North America. From business analysts to senior partners, consultants from Hispanic backgrounds value immensely the personal connection they draw from this network of colleagues.