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Jorge Amar

Senior PartnerMiami

Works with telecommunications companies to drive the changes needed to improve overall customer experience while also controlling costs

Jorge leads McKinsey’s digital customer-care group globally. In this capacity, he seeks to transform the customer-facing parts of operations, helping to deliver stronger performance and better service.

As part of this work, Jorge helps executives take an outside-in view of their current customer-care performance and weigh the value of future opportunities. He designs new strategies and architects end-state solutions that take advantage of digital platforms. He then helps guide implementation, supporting clients in building capabilities quickly.

Jorge first joined McKinsey in Buenos Aires in 2007 and has been based in Stamford since 2012. He recently relocated to Miami as of 2022. He has developed deep expertise in customer care through his service to major telecommunications companies across markets in Latin America, North America, and Western Europe.

Examples of his recent client work include the following:

  • migrating a major US telecommunications company to a 100 percent self-service digital experience
  • designing and implementing a cost-reduction initiative for a Latin American telecommunication concern that captured impact within 6 months while still improving customer satisfaction
  • advising a major multiregional company on outsourcing its call center operations, helping to select the optimal business process outsourcing partner
  • enhancing the customer experience for a major Latin American telecommunications firm by redesigning its service delivery model across its stores, call centers, and digital channels
  • defining a growth strategy for a major technology company in North and South America, identifying key initiatives to lead organizational and operational change

Interested in sharing best practices, Jorge publishes actively on trends in customer care and in digital operations.

Published work

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Past experience

Cost analyst

Senior analyst


Harvard Business School
MBA (Baker Scholar)

University of Buenos Aires
BA, accounting