Getting energy from the energy sector

I have a master’s in energy & environment from Columbia University and previous academic background in engineering. Prior to McKinsey, I spent almost 10 years working in the energy industry, mostly in consulting and sustainable energy multilateral organizations such as the United Nations and the World Energy Council. I was lucky enough to work on projects in Latin America, Europe, Africa, and the US.

My path to McKinsey

Getting energy from the energy sector
Getting energy from the energy sector

I came to McKinsey because I was ready for a more action-oriented, team-based environment after years of largely solo work on policies and strategies, strong extrovert that I am. I didn’t entirely know what I was looking for, but McKinsey helped me figure it out.

For example, previously, I was part of an energy access initiative in Africa, a topic that I found highly relevant as still today +750 million people don’t have something as essential as secure electricity access. In the multilateral organization, we set the general goals, then hired McKinsey to take action. After seeing that, I realized I most enjoyed the consultancy side.

During my time at McKinsey, I’ve learned that we have to start somewhere in trying to solve the highly complex problems facing governments and institutions. That means determining the baseline for how things are going today, making hard decisions about what to prioritize, rallying the troops around a new aspiration, taking steps to achieve it, and figuring out how to measure success.

My role at the firm

I mostly support clients in the Global Energy and Materials sectors, helping them reduce their CO2 emissions over time.

I focus on utilities and governments, aiding them in reaching their decarbonization targets or deciding on the right actions to transition to an energy model based on renewable energy, hydrogen or other innovative alternatives.

I find my work highly rewarding because I have a direct impact at the highest level. Quite often when I pick up a newspaper, I can read about the difference my efforts are making in real time.

Work-life balance and purpose

At McKinsey, I am empowered to control my work-life balance. I will use the Take Time program to spend additional time on pursuits I care about, for instance supporting my own sustainability NGO back in Argentina (where I was born). I’ve also taken paid time off between intense projects. This flexibility allows me to maintain a good cadence.

Hispanic and Latino Community

I have been supporting the Hispanic and Latino community at McKinsey since day one. My main contribution was participating as a faculty member in Diversity Connect – an event for Black, African American, Hispanic, Latino, and Native American students who are pursuing a PhD, postdoc, MD, JD or master’s degree. Through this two-day program, participants built leadership, a great network, team problem-solving, and case preparation skills.

I am also a co-lead of the Hispanic and Latino Advanced Professionals North America committee. Our purpose is to increase applications and successful recruitment from this group by building awareness about opportunities at McKinsey and providing support to candidates during the hiring the process.

More about me

When I am not working, I spend as much time as I can with my wife, Lucila, and our baby boy, Amadeo. I also have travelled extensively (+55 countries) as I enjoy learning about new cultures and trying new food. Finally, I love being an amateur guitarist, singer, and video producer.

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