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Ingrid Millan

Advises consumer goods, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical-product companies in driving holistic digital transformations and addressing strategic, operational, and growth challenges

Ingrid is based in Washington, DC and is one of the leaders of McKinsey’s end-to-end digital transformation work. She focuses on working with CEOs and COOs to bring together different parts of operations with the latest digital advancements to transform value chains, reduce silos, delight customers, enhance profitability, and improve reliability.

Ingrid combines cross-cutting operations knowledge with a deep understanding of operations, digitization, strategy, and change management. Her most recent projects helped clients create competitive advantages including the following:

  • advising a global consumer-goods company to unlock supply in a steep growth market, increasing capacity across the network
  • driving a transformation for global consumer company with a full redesign of organizational structure and operating model to integrate acquisitions, drive agility, and ensure cost efficiency
  • leading a digital customer-backed supply chain strategy for a consumer company, focused on linking operations to customer needs to drive a competitive advantage
  • designing an end-to-end digital transformation strategy for a global commercial biologics company
  • conceptualizing and designing an account aggregator data-integrated platform for a pharmaceutical company to bring transparency to the manufacturing frontline and leapfrog performance
  • leading a volatility management transformation for a consumer goods company using advanced analytics to enhance predictive commodity risk management with an optimized operating model

In addition to her client service, Ingrid coleads McKinsey’s Hispanic and Latino Network, a platform to support the development of Hispanic and Latino leaders internally and across industries. She leads McKinsey’s efforts to advance Hispanic and Latino leaders across companies through McKinsey’s award-winning Connected Leaders Academy.


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Esade Ramon Llull University

BA, economics and finance