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Like a kid in a (McKinsey Operations) candy store

Dado loves the variety of his day–to–day activities and colleagues.

After spending six years in industry, I felt ready for a change of pace. A recruiter from McKinsey called me and told me about the diverse portfolio of clients McKinsey serves. She shared fascinating stories about the consultants who work here and McKinsey’s strong values and history. I knew almost immediately, I wanted to join.

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My training was in chemistry, but at my first employer, I quickly got interested in operations and most of my experience lies in this function. I love the variety of the work and immediacy of results I can help achieve. So joining McKinsey’s Operations practice was a natural choice. Every day is different. One day I might work with front–line employees to talk about Gemba process improvements. The next, I might discuss findings and strategies with the client’s CEO. Every day includes collaborating with colleagues who are driven, enthusiastic, and open to considering everything possible.

The most fun engagement I’ve had so far took me to 27 countries on four continents in six months. We were identifying improvement opportunities at various sites. It stands out as my favorite because, on top of the impact we found, I could see how the clients’ mindset shifted and watch their enthusiasm grow over the course of our project.

Joining McKinsey is like entering a candy store with a bottomless bag. I like to encourage new members of our firm to make sure they try as many types of candy as possible, including some new flavors, before going for those they know they like because the old favorites will always be there.

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