Victoria shares her experiences at McKinsey.

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In my junior year of college, I started seriously thinking about the qualities I wanted my first job to have. I came up with three: a team-based environment, a high degree of conceptual and quantitative work, and opportunities to personally make a difference. Consulting was the only industry that fully meet my aspirations.

I chose McKinsey because of the people. As I spoke with friends who worked at the firm, consultants I met at coffee chats and New York office events and realized how incredibly talented and inspiring the people at McKinsey are. There were other reasons too, of course: the firm’s strong values, history, diverse client portfolio, global structure, etc. The opportunity to work in this kind of environment is incredible.

I chose to join the Madrid office because I wanted to come home after studying in the US for four years. Because every McKinsey office offers the same opportunities, I knew I would not sacrifice anything by choosing to be in Madrid rather than, for example, New York or San Francisco. McKinsey is one of the best places to get international experience due to that global orientation. McKinsey colleagues hail from many different countries and have a surprising breadth of backgrounds. We have clients all over the world so I can pursue international opportunities as I wish. Very few firms offer this kind of international perspective.

Victoria Inline
Victoria Inline

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Victoria was a summer intern at McKinsey and just started as a business analyst in Madrid.

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