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Studying in the United Kingdom opened the world to me, both through my fellow students and through the globalized perspective of my study.

Returning to Nairobi was a breath of fresh air. I had completed my education and had built some experience pursuing a career as a lawyer. Now, I was looking for something new and innovative; ways a lawyer, like myself, could truly understand clients from a different perspective other than the court room.

Joining McKinsey in Kenya meant shifting from a high–level view in legal practice to a truly in–depth view on how different industries and companies work. The traditional mindset of a frozen career path through a narrow lens was shattered by experiencing the innovative ways my colleagues work.

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On my first engagement at McKinsey, a project called Generation Kenya, I saw this first–hand. It involved creating a methodology that could be used and replicated globally as a solution for youth unemployment. It focused on upskilling and subsequently employing youth from underprivileged backgrounds with the intrinsic characteristics for employment in various industries. Today, Generation is the world’s biggest youth unemployment program.

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McKinsey has been a fantastic experience and a truly global one. I’ve worked in Kenya as well as South Africa, Ethiopia and other African countries. I have engaged with senior leaders across various organizations and acquired expertise in fields and industries that I had only heard about before McKinsey.

About Kui

I love to travel and I love things that give me an adrenaline rush. One top experience was bungee jumping over the Victoria Falls which I would highly recommend for all the thrill seekers. If you’re not so keen on that, the Falls are also incredibly beautiful to explore through the national park and it’s a great experience overall. In my own country, I love Watamu as the perfect beach escape with great Swahili and Italian food.

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