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Annabel's McKinsey

Annabel, a business analyst in London, came to McKinsey after university. Learn about her full life and a diversity case workshop she’s hosting in October.

Annabel, a business analyst in our London office and one of your hosts for the upcoming diversity case workshop in London, sat down with us to describe her path to McKinsey and the variety that keeps her energised.

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Interviewer: Tell us about your path to McKinsey.

Annabel: I completed a BSc degree in engineering and a MSc in management. During school, I interned in different industries that exposed me to a variety of problems. These experiences made me realise how much I liked that variety and wanted to work in an industry that constantly exposed me to a huge range of challenges. That’s why I became a consultant.

Interviewer:What’s your best advice for someone considering a similar career?

Annabel: Attend different consulting events. They will allow you to learn more about the profession, understand what consultants do day-to-day, and explore the problems consultants tackle. I asked a ton of questions during the events I attended, and the people I met were always happy to share their thoughts and experiences.

Interviewer: What at the firm keeps you busy outside of your day-to-day work?

Annabel: At the moment, I’m organising a one-day case workshop as part of the McKinsey Black Network’s 25th anniversary celebrations. It’s really exciting to be part of these celebrations and to contribute to the network.

At the workshop, participants will work in teams to solve a case. They’ll be supported by consultants who are part of the Black Network. If you’re a black student or professional (with less than six years of experience) in Western Europe who enjoys problem solving, thinking creatively, and working in teams, please apply by 21 Sept. 2016 to join us in October.

Interviewer: What is mentorship like at McKinsey?

Annabel: One of the things about the firm I most appreciate is how willing everyone is to help each other. I’m regularly in touch with consultants I have worked with on previous engagements; they are always happy to offer me guidance, even though I’m working on new teams. I’ve developed a short-list of my go-to people, and my relationships with them are deepening over time.

Interviewer: What are you passionate about outside of work?

Annabel: I love visiting new places to experience new cultures, cities, cuisines, etc. Over the last two summers, I’ve visited Southeast Asia, gorgeous Bali (trying to surf) and Thailand.