Operational Excellence

I joined McKinsey in November 2013 with the aspiration to stay for a year or two. Soon, I realized how much fun it is to work with extraordinary people on exciting topics. After a year or so, I realized my true passion lay in operations. I made my own McKinsey by transferring into the Operational Excellence Program (OEP). I’ve become part of an awesome community of colleagues at all tenures who help me to grow and develop. The work we do together is exciting and I’m building new knowledge and capabilities all the time. Now, I’m looking forward to many more years to come.

Marvin inline
Marvin inline

My typical day starts around 7:30 am with a quick breakfast. On the way to the client or shortly after we arrive, I meet with my McKinsey team members to plan our day. Then, I spend most of my day meeting with clients. Sometimes I’m on the shop floor observing processes; other times, I’m analyzing data or hosting workshops to teach clients new skills. During lunch, our team exchanges findings or discusses solutions to roadblocks. Usually our full team goes to dinner around 7:00 pm.

One of my favorite engagements was a series of short manufacturing diagnostics we performed across several countries and continents. The variation in performance I observed among the sites was eye-opening. It was amazing how much the working culture changed from site to site.

Outside work I enjoy meeting friends, playing sports and exploring nature. I recently obtained my hunting license, so I try to spend as much time in the woods as possible.

I’m looking forward to facilitating the Operations Excellence Academy this November. I hope you’ll apply to join my colleagues and me for this workshop. It will expose you to McKinsey’s approach to Lean management through hand-on activities that are a ton of fun. You’ll meet our colleagues and your peers who share your passion for Operations. If you’re an MBA or PhD student or early professional, apply today.

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