The future of shopping: Technology everywhere

The future of shopping: Technology everywhere

The COVID-19 pandemic has reset the retail game board. The most successful retailers will be those that connect with consumers in new ways by leaning in on their digital, omnichannel, and in-store technology ambitions.

Author Talks: Denise Woods on the power of voice

In her new book, voice and dialect coach Denise Woods offers tools to help readers articulate clearly, become powerful public speakers, and gain confidence in any situation.

The McKinsey Crossword

Sharpen your problem-solving skills with our crossword—now with new interactive features. This week’s theme? “Not Bad”

McKinsey for Kids: (Food) waste not, want not

Hey, kids, did you know that Americans throw out six T-Rexes' worth of asparagus every day? This edition of McKinsey for Kids will walk you (and maybe your parents and teachers, too) through the life cycle of food—from farm to landfill—and some of the ways we can all help reduce food waste.

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