Digital identification: A key to inclusive growth

New research by the McKinsey Global Institute shows how good digital ID is a new frontier in value creation for individuals and institutions around the world.

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Reimagining mobility

A multifaceted look at how cars, cities, and competition will change

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China Brief: The state of the economy

What do the facts tell us about what to expect in 2019?

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Our changing firm

We’ve updated our visual identity to bring clarity to who we are and what we do today.

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Meet the McKinsey team helping banks get cash to people who need it

– Our in-house tech incubator helps launch a tool that ensures cash availability for banks in cash-heavy economies.
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How is helping to rethink recycling around the world

– In this short film, see how, an independent non-profit founded by our firm, has helped a Buenos Aires barrio embrace... an innovative recycling program.
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What Dutch teachers are learning from their students

– How a McKinsey-founded nonprofit is helping teachers in the Netherlands become better educators by connecting them with peers... and listening to the people whose lives they aim to change.

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