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Product development

Phillip, a senior associate in product development in Munich, describes his typical day and shares highlights from his McKinsey journey.

I joined McKinsey as a consultant in the Operations practice, focused on product development. This role let me build on my doctoral studies at Technische Universität München while broadening my skills through daily life as a consultant – a great combination. Through my work and the apprenticeship of my colleagues, I’ve adopted a more targeted and impact-oriented way of thinking. I’m learning to reduce problems to their core elements and tackle those pieces one at a time with my clients.

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The individual projects on which I’ve worked have been very different – each with memorable moments but difficult to compare to each other. My first engagement still stands out in my memory. We supported a power generation company. There were several McKinsey teams working on different elements of a transformation program and I loved the dynamic between our teams and the clients. We generated impact in different areas quickly and that momentum – of all the pieces falling into place – was exciting. Another highlight was researching opportunities in China for a European consumer electronics company. I had a lot of autonomy, which was exciting and demanding, and working in a different culture was very interesting.

The nature of my days have varied a lot from engagement to engagement. Ideally, I start my morning with sports – I swim or run before work. Then I spend time sorting out my day, clarifying my deliverables and aligning my calendar with my teammates and clients. Then there are usually meetings with clients, problem-solving sessions, and analyses. At the end of my day, I spend time synthesizing what I’ve learned during the day and thinking through next steps. In my off hours, I spend time with friends and family; I love to cook for them or spend time with them outdoors playing sports. Next year, I’m going to participate in the firm’s Take Time program to travel with my fiancé.

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