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Interview tip of the day: The interviews at McKinsey have two parts, a case study and the personal experience interview. Focus on your specific role in the personal experience interview and spend the most time on critical elements or actions.

It’s easy to slip into “we’s” instead of “I’s” when you are describing your work on a project. We are interested in getting to know YOU, not your former team. Your interview is your chance to brag about yourself a bit. Focus on the role you played and how you influenced the outcome of your team’s work. To help yourself prepare, think through what would have happened if you weren’t involved or if someone else played your role. What would have happened? What wouldn’t have happened? This can help you narrow in on your impact.

Inline interview
Inline interview

It can be tempting to spend a ton of time on the context of the story. We know our own stories well and want to share a long set up with lots of details. Resist the temptation. It’s important to give enough context so your interviewer can follow your story, but don’t spend all of your time on the set-up instead of the key actions or interactions. That’s the more interesting part.

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