Charting my course in Calgary

I’m Alex, a client manager with McKinsey Academy, based in Calgary, Canada. I did some consulting after earning my undergraduate degree, and then worked for a wonderful organization, TransCanada Pipelines, before doing my MBA. While I was at school, I oscillated between whether or not to go back into consulting, given the sometimes unpredictable lifestyle it can bring. When I started speaking to people from McKinsey, the warmth everyone exuded blew me away. The people I met coupled with the chance to work as part of such a globally minded organization, at home in Calgary, was all I needed to get excited about McKinsey.

Alexandra inline
Alexandra inline

Since joining, I’ve had an amazing journey that has allowed me to help many important local clients. I’ve also taken some well-timed travel studies to broaden my experience beyond Canada. I love the flexibility the firm has provided me throughout the last five years. My journey has allowed me to hone in on my passions. I recently joined one of our internal start-ups, McKinsey Academy, which focuses on leadership development and capability building for our clients.

Working and living in Calgary is wonderful. I grew up in eastern Canada and moved to Calgary a decade ago, drawn to the mountain lifestyle. I ski, hike or mountain bike most weekends and have met a wonderful group of friends who share my interests. It’s been amazing to see the city evolve over the past decade; there are so many interesting (and bike-path connected) neighbourhoods each with its own culture, community and amazing food.

I’m expecting my first baby this summer. The firm is an incredibly welcoming and supportive place to start a family. I work with two female partners who recently had children; they are amazing sources of advice and support. I always feel lucky to work at McKinsey, but seeing how much my colleagues care about my development and my family has made that feeling even stronger.

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